Sport Integrity

National Integrity Framework

The National Integrity Framework is a suite of new integrity policies around issues like child safety, member protection, illicit drugs, competition manipulation and others.

All members of Volleyball NSW will be bound by the policies This includes athletes, coaches, support personnel, employees, and volunteers.

This important change to the policies and complaint processes will make Volleyball safer and fairer for all participants.

If you see something, do something. We need to work together to provide a safer, fairer and trustworthy environment for everyone involved in our sport.

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National Integrity Framework

The following policies are now in place and complaints related to these policies will be handled by Sport Integrity Australia:

  • National Integrity Framework
  • Member Protection
  • Safeguarding
  • Improper Use of Drugs & Medicines
  • Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering
  • Complaints, Disputes & Discipline
  • Anti-doping

For more information about these policies visit Volleyball Australia’s website:

What is Sport Integrity?

In 2022, Volleyball Australia adopted the National Integrity Framework. This means that from 27 July 2022, concerns or complaints about alleged integrity breaches (including member protection) can be reported directly to Sport Integrity Australia by filling out the form on Sport Integrity Australia.

All alleged breaches in relation to our National Integrity Framework and associated integrity policies will be managed under the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy.

To report a breach of an integrity policy, please contact Sport Integrity Australia directly on 13 000 27232 or via the ‘make an integrity complaint or report form’ here:

Make a Complaint

For all other complaints, report directly to your local Club Management or Volleyball NSW.

Anything that may constitute Prohibited Conduct in a integrity policy must be reported to Sport Integrity Australia. The full list of Prohibited Conduct is available here but includes things such as:

  • Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Unlawful Discrimination
  • Victimisation
  • Misconduct with a Child
  • Grooming
  • Supply of Drugs or Alcohol to a Child
  • Match fixing and other types of Competition Manipulation
  • Supplying inside information for the purposes of gambling
  • Betting on Volleyball events
  • Unlawful use of over the counter or prescription drugs
  • Inappropriate use or provision of supplements
  • Illicit drug use
  • Concealing information about Prohibited Conduct
  • Doping (managed under the Volleyball Australia Anti-Doping Policy

ⓘ Prohibited Conduct List

To report a breach of an integrity policy (safeguarding, drugs and medicine, match-fixing), please contact Sport Integrity Australia directly on 13 000 27232 or via the ‘make an integrity complaint or report form’ here:

Make Integrity Complaint

For all other complaints, report directly to your local Club Management or Volleyball NSW.

Confused about where to submit your complaint – here is a factsheet about where to report your concerns:

ⓘ Factsheet

When it comes to sport integrity, it is critical that our athletes and support personnel are aware of their rights and responsibilities. There are a range of tools and resources available to help keep participants informed. 

Integrity eLearning

Sport Integrity Australia eLearning offers online courses relating to sport integrity, including child safeguarding, doping, match fixing, illicit drugs and ethical decision-making courses. There is also a new course specifically about the National Integrity Framework. Specific anti-doping courses are also available for coaches, support persons, medical practitioners and parents.

Sport Integrity Australia eLearning

Sport Integrity App

The app allows users to check whether their medications are banned in sport, find low risk supplements to reduce their change of testing positive accidentally, and check whether they need a Therapeutic Use Exemption. The app also provides direction on how to raise concerns about things like doping, match-fixing, harassment, or illicit drug use. It features further information on eLearning modules, whereabouts and testing information and gives users the opportunity to provide feedback to Sport Integrity Australia.

The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple and Android app stores.

Play by the Rules

Play by the Rules provides information, resources, tools and free online training to administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators to assist them in preventing and dealing with discrimination, harassment, inclusion and integrity issues in sport.

Play by the Rules

The Child Safe Standards provide a benchmark against which organisations can assess their child safe capacity and set performance targets. The Standards provide tangible guidance for organisations to drive a child safe culture, adopt strategies and act to put the interests of children first, to keep them safe from harm.

The 10 Child Safe Standards are:

  1. Child safety is embedded in organisational leadership, governance and culture
  2. Children participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously
  3. Families and communities are informed and involved
  4. Equity is upheld and diverse needs are taken into account
  5. People working with children are suitable and supported
  6. Processes to respond to complaints of child abuse are child-focused
  7. Staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills and awareness to keep children safe through continual education and training
  8. Physical and online environments minimise the opportunity for abuse to occur
  9. Implementation of the Child Safe Standards is continuously reviewed and improved
  10. Policies and procedures document how the organisation is child safe.

For more information on Child Safeguarding check out the Child Safeguarding Fact Sheet.

For more information on Member Protection check out the Member Protection Fact Sheet.

Click here to view Volleyball Australia's Member Protection Policy