Regional Academies

(Updated 07/02/2022)




Launching in early 2021, the Youth RASi Network is an exciting new partnership between the Regional Academies of Sport Incorporated (RASi) and Volleyball NSW (VNSW) to support the holistic development of athletes and coaches in the Youth performance pathway.

The program serves to:

  • Be the state endorsed development program for athletes and coaches who are currently or who aspire to be identified for and nominated to the Phoenix performance programs.
  • Establish a holistic sport specific and athletic education baseline for pre-elite athletes.
  • Deliver a standardised local training environment directly in line with Phoenix performance priorities.

The Youth RASi Network is a localised age specific program (generally aged between 12-18 years old) that aims to target the highest performing and highest potential youth male and female athletes living within each region of NSW. 

Mentor coaches are appointed to each Academy who will work with head coaches appointed to each age group and gender.


The Youth RASi Network is primarily a training environment, with selected athletes and coaches forming Squads offering beach or indoor seasonal activities. 

Program inclusions differ slightly between each Academy, however, in general, individuals will gain access to:

  • Volleyball specific training sessions led by VNSW accredited coaches
  • Strength and conditioning and athlete education led by Academy approved presenters

Filip Zapala - Pathways Coordinator

M: 0432 902 931



Martin Reader - Head of Pathways 

M:  0411 589 959


Generally, the Youth RASi Network programs operate year round, with a seasonal focus:

  • Indoor volleyball occurs primarily between February to August.
  • Beach volleyball occurs primarily between August to February. 

Please contact each Academy to confirm the specific dates for their program. Academies that currently operate a program include: 

Academy Beach Volleyball Indoor Volleyball Lonestar
Central Coast Academy of Sport (CCAS) Y    
Hunter Academy of Sport (HAS) Y Y  
Illawarra Academy of Sport (IAS) Y Y  
North Coast Academy of Sport (NCAS)   Y  
Western Sydney Academy of Sport (WSAS)   Y  
South West Sydney Academy of Sport (SWSAS)   Y  
Far West Academy of Sport (FWAS)     Y
Northern Inland Academy of Sport (NIAS)     Y
Southern Sports Academy (SSA)     Y
South East Sports Academy (SESA)     Y
Western Region Academy of Sport (WRAS)     Y


Opportunities exist to be involved with locally hosted competitions and exhibition matches which will occur at various times throughout the year.

The NSW Volleyball Referees Association co-ordinates all referee appointments. Please express your interest by sending an email titled "EOI Youth RASi Network" to Make sure to include your current refereeing experience and identify which events you are interested in participating in.





CLICK HERE to view a map of the boundaries for each region. VNSW is working to develop a program with the Academy in each location across Sydney Metropolitan and Regional NSW.

Nomination information for eligible Academy locations will be published on each Academy's website. In order to be eligible for a program, each Academy needs a suitable training venue and be able to attract and engage with a minimum number of athletes and coaches.

If your region does not have a program, you are welcome to engage with the Academy program closest to you however further travel commitments may be required.