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Thank you for considering becoming a Volleyball NSW Member.

The NSW Volleyball Community has over 8,500 members who play, coach, referee, administer, and generally love this sport. There are over 45 Clubs/Associations across the state offering many opportunities to participate, including Spikeroos programs, come and try days, and social and competitive competitions, to name a few.

Find out how you can become a VNSW Member or about the benefits of becoming a Member. Click on the Handbook for more information:

2023 Affiliation & Membership Handbook



Membership Information

Membership Rollover 2023

Each year, Volleyball NSW individual memberships begin on April 1 and expire on March 31 of the following year.

In light of the upcoming VNSW Events, we seek to make the transition as seamless as possible to allow for registrations to be completed and checked before those events.
This will allow existing members to renew into the 2023/2024 membership season.

More information about the Rollover process and how to register correctly can be found here


The Volleyball NSW Membership is an annual fee paid by participants, allowing you the opportunity to be involved in Volleyball NSW affiliated competitions for the calendar year.

Membership commences each year on 1st April and expires on 31st March the following year.

To become a member: You can register your membership directly through the club of your choice. To find a club please Click here

*NOTE: The table below shows prices for a 12-month membership. (Excluding the 3-month membership).


Registered Affiliates & Members receive a wide range of benefits from Volleyball NSW, covering entry through to competitive and on the pathway to elite levels.  The way any Affiliate or Member engages with us is up to you and what services you wish to take advantage of.

VNSW Members can access the following resources: 

2023 Membership 2 Page Guide

All inquiries relating to Membership please contact:

Portfolio Manager: Affiliation, Membership & Inclusion