Sat 17 Feb 2024 08:00 — Sun 18 Feb 2024 18:00

Event information

Registrations for this event are closed.

NSWBVT Round 8 - Avoca Beach, Central Coast

Registration info:

  • To participate in this event, you must be a registered Volleyball NSW member. If you are not registered, then CLICK HERE before trying to register for this event.
    A Full Adult or Full U/18 membership is required. 
  • Each player needs to register.
  • Add your partner’s name to "DIVISION PARTNER" while selecting your division
  • Add your partner membership number to "Additional information."

Competition information:

The BVT tournaments are a 1-day event that starts with pool play, followed by quarterfinals, Semi-finals and finals 

  • 2 divisions per gender per day. 12 teams per division.
  • The TCC reserves the right to amend any Competition Rules, Match Formats, or the Event Structure in the lead-up to or during an event should unforeseen circumstances (e.g., extreme weather) occur
  • The format will be pool play (guarantee a minimum of 3 matches), then single elimination.
  • The set format is 21/21/15 (change of ends 7,7,5). Matches are won when a team wins 2 sets. Sets are not capped and must be won with a minimum 2-point margin.
  • Single elimination progression out of the pools will be the following:
    • The teams who finish first and second in the pool move straight to the quarter-finals
    • The teams that finish third will get an extra game.
  • Teams will enter the event and be seeded based on the National Ranking System from 1st to end, with the top 12 teams in Division 1, 13th to 24th in Division 2, 25th to 36th in Division 3, and 37th to 48th in Division 4. Any others will be placed on a reserve list.
  • No qualifying event (direct entry only)