Congratulations to Phoenix athletes awarded NSWCG grant!

Published Wed 08 May 2024


This year Phoenix athletes Adam Fejes and Mireille Smith were part of a 40 strong cohort who were awarded the presitagious Commonweath Games NSW grant. The athletes were nominated by their respective State Sporting Organisations from their talented pathway programs, and we extend our congratulations to all athletes awarded this grant. This is the 6th edition of the CGNSW Athlete Grants which commenced in 2016. There are now 169 recipients over that period. Nominating criteria requires each athlete to be a resident of NSW and under 20 years of age. Eight sports have featured grant winners in each edition – namely badminton, beach volleyball, diving, gymnastics, hockey, netball, table tennis and wrestling.

A feature of this year’s group is not one but three award winners being younger siblings of previous grant recipients, one of these being our very own Adam Fejes whos older sister Stefie Fejes was awarded this grant in 2019! 

CGNSW CEO Peter Tate said “These 40 young athletes have demonstrated tremendous ability in their respective sport pathways. Like many previous award winners, I’m confident quite a few will be chosen to represent Australia in future Commonwealth Games”.

The NSW community extends their congratulations to our Adam and Mireille for being selcted, we are excited to see where your volleyball career takes you!