New Faces Join VNSW Team

Published Fri 02 Feb 2024

The VNSW Staff Update for 2024 is filled with excitement and anticipation as the organisation welcomes new members to its team and bids farewell to valued staff.

The year brings a fresh start with the introduction of three new faces: Ramsay Cobb, Lachlan Marsh, and Jo Fernandes. These individuals bring diverse backgrounds and experiences, promising to contribute to the continued success of VNSW.

Ramsay Cobb, the new Indoor Volleyball Leagues and Competitions Manager, brings valuable knowledge and experience from his previous role at Dragonboats NSW. Lachlan Marsh, the new Membership, Affiliation and Inclusion Manager, joins the team after a successful period at NSW Goalball. Jo Fernandes, who has been appointed as the General Manager – Pathways, brings significant experience from her previous roles with Football Australia and Football NSW, as well as her involvement in the FIFA Women's World Cup.

VNSW is looking forward to the positive impact these new team members will make in their respective roles.

In addition to welcoming new members, VNSW also expresses its gratitude to the departing staff members, Briianka Nest, Martin Reader, and Michael Massih, for their dedication and hard work. Their contributions to the growth and profile of volleyball in NSW are highly appreciated, and the organisation wishes them the best in their future endeavours.

The VNSW community is eager to embrace the changes and opportunities that 2024 will bring. CEO, Baz Wedmaier, is excited about the upcoming developments and looks forward to collaborating with the volleyball family and all stakeholders. With a blend of new talent and seasoned expertise, VNSW is poised for a year of growth, development, and continued success in promoting the sport of volleyball in NSW.

We look forward to seeing you all on the court soon.