YSVL Finals Review

Published Mon 04 Sep 2023

This past weekend the 2023 Youth Sydney Volleyball League season drew to a close with the Under 18's Under 16's and Under 14's battling it out to see who would take home the winning medals. A massive congratulations to all participants, coaches and clubs, no matter their placing for their efforts over the past 15 weeks as they showed great teamwork and dedication to the sport.

The Under 14 Mixed division faced an increase in team participants from last year, going from 4 teams to this year now having 6 teams join the competition. This division also welcomed 3 new clubs into the fold: ProVolley Academy, Sydney Acers and Sydney United. This division welcomed athletes as young as 8 years old and with each week we saw the dedication and drive they had to come out as winners. In the Bronze medal match we saw ProVolley-Pymble and Sydney Acers-White go up against each other, and from the start spectators could see that it would be a close match! But ultimiately Sydney Acers took the win and also celebrated when Sydney Acers-Black took home the silver medal. 

The Under 16's Girls Division 2 started off with a bang on Sunday morning! The Gold medal match between ProVolley Academy and Endeavour Volleyball was fierce, with the match ending after a tense 3 sets. ProVolley ultimately took the match win, walking away with Gold medal and also the win for the loudest supporters, whose cheers could be heard across the stadium!

In the Under 16 Boys Division 2, Sydney United had nothing to lose with both of their teams meeting in the Bronze medal match. But though the teams were from the same club, that did not stop them in bringing their all to take home the medal. Sydney United-Blue took the first set (25-15) but in the second set Sydney United-White dug deep and added some extra pressure, wishing to take the match to a third and deciding set but Sydney United-Blue eventually took the match win finishing on a 25-23 point finish.

The Under 18's Girls Division 1 Gold medal between UTS Volleyball and Vostok Volleyball was a firece battle. Neither of the teams were giving up, taking th egame to a decising 3rd set. As the last game of the night, the crowds gathered around the stands in anticipation of who would emerge victorious. In the end, Vostok took the win a stunning end to a tense game finishing on a 15-13 point finish. 

Final Rankings:


Under 14 Mixed 

🥇: Sydney United
🥈: Sydney Acers - Black
🥉: Sydney Acers - White 


Under 16 Girls Division 2

🥇: ProVolley Academy 
🥈: Endeavour Volleyball 
🥉: Just Spike It 

MVP: Ruby Lyons

Under 16 Boys Division 2

🥇: Just Spike It
🥈: UTS Volleyball
🥉: Sydney United - Blue 

MVP: Jack McTavish

Under 16 Girls Division 1

🥇: UTS Volleyball 
🥈: Just Spike It
🥉: Sydney Acers

MVP: Syridoula Karagiorgou

Under 16 Boys Division 1

🥇: Sydney United - Blue
🥈: UTS Volleyball
🥉: Sydney Acers

MVP: Amarlin Altanshagai

Under 18 Girls Division 2

🥇: Sydney United-White
🥈: Westside Volleyball
🥉: Sydney Acers

MVP: Elvena Abel

Under 18 Boys Division 2

🥇: Sydney Acers 
🥈: Just Spike It
🥉: UTS Volleyball

MVP: Yovian Kustiadi

Under 18 Girls Division 1

🥇: UTS Volleyball 
🥈: Vostok Volleyball
🥉: ProVolley Academy

MVP: Selene Anderson

Under 18 Boys Division 1

🥇: Sydney United-Blue
🥈: UTS Volleyball
🥉: Hills Dragons Volleyball

MVP: Scott Sevilla